Kafka on Shore

This week a read a  book that really made me feel something. A book I couldn’t stop reading. A book that touched my heart, and my soul, and made me feel amazed. If I hadn’t read Anna Gavalda’s Billie earlier this month, I would say that this book is the first one after long long … More Kafka on Shore

At Work #1

Good morning, World. Today I feel blessed for two reasons. 1) I have a job that allows me blog while being there, 2) I am a morning person. Because last night the daylight saving time ended here in Finland, and the clocks were turned one hour “closer to the summer.” What does it mean for … More At Work #1

Wake up call

It is spring, it’s pretty outside, and I realize it is time to wake up. I feel like I had been asleep – or in a coma – for longer than I can remember. It is scary to notice that I have not been myself. I don’t know if a blog will save me from … More Wake up call