Wake up call

It is spring, it’s pretty outside, and I realize it is time to wake up. I feel like I had been asleep – or in a coma – for longer than I can remember. It is scary to notice that I have not been myself. I don’t know if a blog will save me from drowning into busy days and dull responsibilities, and help me live, create, dream, or love, but at least it is a way for me to do something – to say something!

And I have so much to say… (Not just today, but always)

Let me introduce myself. I am a dreamer, a romantic, an explorer, an adventurer, lively, hungry-for-life, and absolutely delightful young, beautiful girl from Finland. I also hear often I have weird sense of humor, I’m too sarcastic, and some people might even call me witty. As much as I know, I can say that I have a tendency to ramble, and exaggerate. Ah, but what is a story without a little touch of imagination?

I have written a blog only once before, and that was for my English class last autumn. (Anyone interested can find it from here: www.myenglishodyssey.wordpress.com) I wrote it under the subtitle “learning blog”, so it wasn’t as interesting, as a blog could be. However, I got very nice feedback on the blog, and ever since I have been about to start a new one – a one about topics I want to write about, not just about homework.

What I want to write about then? – Life, obviously. My beautiful, interesting, crazy, dear apricot life, as I call it. I don’t have a specific category. This blog will be about the important things of my life: my thought, my beliefs, my opinions. My studies, work, friends… My wedding, my soon-to-be-husband, long-distance relationships, love, dreams, future. I will write about all the things that make my life worth living.

What I will not write about is clothes, make-up, cooking etc. I am so tired of all the meaningless lifestyle blogs. I want to share a message, a deeper message. Let the next years show if I can do that.

Please comment, share your thoughts, contact me… Correct my grammar :P English is not my first language, so I make mistakes. That’s how you learn.


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