Back to Westeros


I should be working on my thesis, but for some reason here I am – writing a post of my current favorite TV show.

Like the fans known, Game of Thrones (GoT) returned on air this week with the premier of the 4th season. Could I be more excited?? Five minutes of the episode, and I remember how much I love the show – AND HOW MUCH I HATE JOFFREY! lol

However, I haven’t always been as enthusiastic about GoT. I actually used to think it’s ridiculous, stupid, LOTR rip-off. I remember when the show got popular here, and I saw like a minute of an episode. People told me to watch it, and I kept telling them, than I’ve grown out of medieval things, and I don’t get excited about dirty knights and fur-wearing cave men who claim to be kings. I also saw my friends posting stuff like “wow – an episode of Game of Thrones that didn’t have a sex scene.” So I thought I had figured it out. Another HBO show that relies on naked women and gory fight scenes.

But then again, I had to give it a chance. It’s like I had to read Twilight to be able to tell people exactly why I hate it so much. So last summer my goal was to read all 6 book in two months. And I did.

Oh, I did.

And as I started the Game of Thrones I also started to watch the show at the same time. Well, by the end of the summer the three seasons of the show were watched, and the books were read, and I was hungry for more.

What is it about the series that makes it so attractive?

My answer is unlikable characters and unexpected plot twists. With these books, you cannot be sure that the good guys will win. Or are there even any good guys? Well there are the Starks…


But while the Starks were the main characters of the firs book and season, their role has gotten much smaller later on. Even though I suspect that that’s going to change… That’s not a spoiler, just the hunch I have.

Then there are the “bad guys”, who either stay bad, or turn good. For example Tyrion. My least favourite character at first. I thought that everything in King’s Landing would be better without him meddling and scheming and controlling everything. But now – my god – he’s probably the best thing and the kindest person in the story! (SPOILER COMING->) What about sir Clegane The Hound then? The most evil killer ever? Turned to a nice baby-sitter for Arya. Or Jamie Lannister? The cocky, arrogant golden knight who nobody liked became a tolerable person under the influence of Lady Brienne.

But then there is Cersei. And there is Joffrey.



If you google the most hated movie villain, you get the picture of Joffrey. Poor guy.

But I must say, while Joffrey is just being annoying, evil, selfish little prat, he isn’t too interested in playing the game. He sits on the iron Throne and thinks he’ll stay there forever, while the real prime evil – Queen regent Cersei – makes her plans. Most people are probably waiting for Joffrey to die. But I think the death of Cersei would be better for everyone. Joffrey can’t hold the kingdom without his mother, and Stannis would probably make a better king, march to the Wall, and save everyone. Too bad George R. R. Martin isn’t a fan of easy solutions.

So while I enjoy watching the fourth season, I can’t wait for the next book so I will get to know more. I hate to say it, but my favourite character, Daenerys, has gotten boring. Maybe she should be killed off. But no, then the prophecy would never get fulfilled… Also I have an unexplainable crush on princess Margaery. Those who haven’t read the books – just wait. She’s cool.

That’s all I had to say today. Except, I think Katy Perry kind of ruined the Lannister slogan.

I am not sad.



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