Vintage Wedding Fun

It’s the end of May, and the wedding season is on! My sweet overseas-host-sister is getting married tomorrow, and I’m feeling wedding-y, even though I can’t be there at here big day. It also makes me more and more excited about my own wedding. 78 days left, till I’ll be a Mrs!

I am very ready, but I can’t say the same about our plans. We are trying to save as much money as we can, still keeping it classy and elegant. We have a vintage theme, and we’re doing a lot of the decorations ourselves. I am crafty, but my my imagination need help. Pinterest, and some wedding blogs have been incredible when I have looked for easy do-it-yourself wedding ideas. I’d like to share some pictures and ideas that I have found, just if someone else might find it helpful. Not to mention that I am crazy proud of myself and sure that we’ll have the most beautiful wedding ever.

1) Save the date cards & invitations

Good way to save money is the wedding stationary. There are tons of option online where you can create your own invitations. It’s easy, fast, and the result looks nice. They aren’t even terribly expensive – not when you take the simpliest card. But if you want anything special – multiple colours, text both sides, more than one box of text, different textures etc it’s going to cost a lot more.

Here’s what we did:

We chose a picture of us we liked, and added the text with Paint.  Then we printed it out at Walmart, bought some black paper, and glued the picture on it. Cheap and fast. And it looks like us.


For the actual invitation we had to do a lot more. And eventually they turned out to cost approximately as much as it would have if we had ordered them. But I am absolutely in love with our style. We got the design from Pinterest, and tried to copy it as well as we could.


What we bought:

  • brown eco cardboard
  • lace
  • satin ribbon
  • silver buttons
  • half-pearls
  • pearl stickers

I sowed the ribbon into the bow-shape and attatched it to the button. Then my fianceé glued the half of a pearl on top of the button. Voilá! Rest was easy.


Then we printed out the text on a pretty paper, glued it in, and put some pearls and ribbons inside too. Everyone compliments us on our pretty cards,. I’m very glad we chose to spend some time on making invitations that sut our wedding perfectly. We are going to use  the same materials on menu and seating cards.


2) Decorations

Last three weeks I have been working on the book page roses. I am a hopeless book worm, and my fianceé is getting there. We both love poetry, and we both write, so naturally we want your passion for literature to be seen in the wedding too. I fell in love with this idea:

It took some time to practice, but today I finally managed to make a few nice looking roses. It is not expensive, not too difficult, and it is definitely way to have personal decorations. Just choose the book carefully. I am using L.M.Montgomery’s “Emily of New Moon”, and it brings tears to my eyes to think about getting married, holding Emily, Teddy, Perry and Ilse on my hands. The best friends of my childhood. My idols. My muses. I find it a perfect way to move from childhood to adulthood. Little poet girl becomes a wife.


Then again, I’ve also used an old German book that’s some kind of knight story, just because it’s typed in fraktur.


I have plenty of other ideas I am wanting to do for our wedding, but I haven’t had time to try them yet. I’ll post more pictures once I’ve gotten more things done. If you have cool wedding craft ideas, please share.


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