EAT – 1. Copas y Tapas

My best friend gave me and my hubby a better Christmas gift than we could have hoped for. It was a book called “Eat”. This magical little book introduced you 12 small restaurants in Helsinki that are worth visiting – and you can get one main course for free with the book.

The food lovers we are we had to check the first place out immediately after New Years. We chose to start from a Spanish restaurant called Copas y Tapas.

I am writing this review six months after visiting the restaurant so the memory isn’t the freshest, but worth sharing.

Copas y Tapas is located in the very center of the city surrounded by the jugend and neoclassical buildings Helsinki is known for. Place was small and very fashionably decorated with dark colors, old wine bottles and despite big windows to the street it was quite somber inside. There were only two other parties besides us and we felt like two ugly ducklings in the middle of the swan lake. We weren’t fancy enough or rich enough or old or important enough for this place.

the service was friendly but the waiter was so serious that I was afraid of making a mistake of some kind and embarrassing us. Also, I didn’t want to argue with the waiter so when he assumed that we want to take the menu, I order the menu. For both. With the wines he recommended. I just couldn’t bring myself to ask for the cheapest wines.

I have no complaints about the food. The appetizer was a tapas plate with caspaccio, prawn filled sweet paprika and some home with sauce and unidentified things. Main course was a steak. Who wouldn’t love a steak? Dessert was some kind of sorbet. So everything was good, but the appetizer was the best. Also we whispered to each other’s the whole time because we were afraid of being loud. Oh and in the end, even with the discount on one main course, the check was for 117 € ! Yikes!


It could be romantic place for a couple to eat f there was more people and some background noise, but I think it would be perfect choice for a business dinner. We won’t be returning here mainly because it was quite pricey for average food and we were intimidated by the waiter’s charisma.

But hey, it’s always great to dine in a new place! And I can’t wait to try out all the other restaurants from the book!


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