EAT – 2. Hoku

It took us five months to use the Eat book again, but finally made a table reservation to a place we picked from the book. Those who don’t know, we got a Helsinki Eat book as a Christmas gift. It introduces you to 12 restaurants in Helsinki and when showing the book at the place you get one main course for free.

We had not heard of Hoku before, but we were sold from the moment we read the description. They serve Hawaiian style food – authentic Hawaiian food, not something you get from a crappy bar where bartenders wear leis and lamps are shaped like palm trees. No, Hoku was the real deal, and you could tell that as soon as you walked in.

The restaurant locates in the idyllic neighborhood of Punavuori, in the corner of Albertinkatu and Laivurinkatu. The restaurant is tiny – they only have 7 or 8 tables in there. The decoration in minimalistic. Dark brown and bright green table mats and pillow on the wide window boards. Walls are white.

The waitress spoke fluent English and we felt very welcome. We order appetizers and main courses and got recommendations on the drinks. Everything was perfect.

We both ordered Gyoza: pork filled dumplings, served with a vinegar-soy sauce and chili oil and Big wave Pale Ale beer to accompany that. Ah-mazing! The crispness of the beer worked perfectly with the vinegar and the five dumpling pieces left me for wanting more. I am definitely an appetizer-girl. I’ll chose a savory piece of heaven over any dessert any time.

Picture by Anna Toro

Luckily the main course didn’t let me down. I ordered Bi bim bab which was thinly cut beef with vegetables and a fried egg in a spicy sauce. That was like fiery heaven in my mouth. All flavors blended together nicely and glass of white wine was the cherry on top.

We didn’t order dessert but we left knowing that we will come back tilll we’ve had everything on the menu. Hoku is my new favourite restaurant. Thank you!

P.S. Now I regret I didn’t take any pictures of the food :(


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