EAT – 3. Sogno

We went to restaurant Sogno in Töölö on our date day, after stand up paddling, cafe regatta and some beers. I had not any expectations neither had I heard anything of the places besides the Eat book’s description.

The place was easy to find and their terrace with glass walls looked really nice and attractive. Unfortunately after waiting for looong time to me seated we were escorted to a tiny table between two tables inside the dining hall. It was Tuesday but the place was packed so reservation was needed.

Everything on the menu looked great and we saw people eat a lot of pizzas that looked amazing. Anyway, we were on a mood for something else than pizza so I had mushroom risotto and Kasey had pasta with asparagus and wild-boar. Service was slow, but the food was good.

The restaurant was full of people: Families with children, couples, friends, tourists, locals…and it was quite loud there. However the atmosphere was cozy and relaxed like it should be in an Italian restaurant. Food was made of fresh products and it was real food – no fancy tricks or twists.

We would have ordered dessert but it took more than half an hour for the waitress to come to take our order so we just asked for the check and left a little disappointed.

So good food, mediocre service. More casual than romantic restaurant. I’d take my parents here to eat. Or kids if I had them. And next time I’ll order pizza cause they looked fantastic!

P.S. Again! I wish I had taken pictures!


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