EAT – 4. Umeshu

I’ve been craving for good sushi all summer and finally we had time to visit Umeshu, the 4th restaurant from the Eat book.

I was expecting a big fancy place but it turned out to be very small place with open kitchen. The hostess was really nice but the waiter kind of indifferent. We ordered a menu so we could get a taste of little bit of everything.

So the food started to fly out of the kitchen. And God was it good!

The appetizer was just a piece of sashimi, but it was so fresh you could taste the fish swimming happily in the sea.. Next one was sushi assortment and it had all of my favorite ones, and wow – the wasabi was real wasabi. It burned in my nose and it had a taste in it. I’ve never had wasabi like that.

Then we got salmon sashimi with avocado-wasabi pyre and peanuts which had a great combination of flavors but the fish pieces were a little too big so they had a slimy rawness in them. And that was too much even for me who, like all Finns, loves raw salmon.

The king of the meal was definitely the last main course – beef that was cut to small pieves and cooked with spring onions and chives and served with sweet yakitare sauce. Delicious. Next time I’ll just order sushi and that meat!

I’d say that the price and the food had a good balance and the place is very versatile. It’s a nice place for a fancier date, but also a casual place to pop in with a friend or two. Definitely the second best Japanese food I’ve had in Helsinki (because nothing can beat Gaijin).


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