The series of unfortunate surprises pt. 1

So, we had booked a a 3-day tour from LA to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. I had checked it all, read all the reviews very carefully since the tour was surprisingly cheap and it all seemed fine. It was supposed to be conducted in English and Chinese (clue number 1) but all the reviewers said it is perfectly fine. We chose to be picked up from the Chinatown (clue number 2) and got there super early by the oldest bus I’ve ever seen (it even had those chords you pull to make it stop).

The tour bus was a little late due to some roar work in the center, but we weren’t the only people waiting, so I didn’t panic. Very soon, though, it started to seem that this tour was very popular among the Chinese people.

Very soon it started to seem that our tour would be full of Chinese people.

To be honest, we ended up being the only non-chinese people on that tour. 
Anyways, it was a surprise but there nothing wrong with the Chinese. The tour was conducted in English and Chinese like promised, and guide lady Carol’s English was very good even though I think she hated us for being the only people who needed the English info.

But yeah, us and 80 Chinese people sat in an ice cold yellow bus traveling to Vegas. Imagine how confused we felt. You always see those huge groups of Asians coming out of buses and taking pictures of tourist attractions and this was like it except us, the whitest people in LA, just hanging out with all the Chinese.

The first inconvenience was our tiredness and not being allowed to sleep. Kasey closed his eyes to rest during a long Chinese info package and as soon as he did that Carol would start to scream “Wake up! Wake up!” That happened every time Kasey tried to sleep and then after waking him up she would speak chinese for half an hour. In the end of the day when we were in the hotel I could still hear her voice in my ears going all “wake up guys!”

Originally we weren’t even that excited about Vegas. We really wanted to go to the Canyon and it is too far to go there and back in one day, so we thought we could as well book this tour and see some Vegas too. However, we had not booked tickets to any Vegas shows or tours of anything. Our plan was to go to a casino, gamble $50, get some drinks and just hang out. Oh but the tour guide Carol kept yelling us how Vegas is the “top entertainment city in the whole world” and if you don’t “eat, play and watch” we are on a wrong tour and the trip is as good as wasted.

I hate three things in the world and those happen to be getting yelled at, wasting money, and feeling that I have disappointed someone. So Carol got us signed in for a Vegas night tour and Kasey got us tickets for the Beatles/Cirque du soleil “Love” show. We also purchased two meal vouchers for this “amazing Vegas buffet” and brunch buffet. If turned out that the original Vegas buffet was Chinese buffet – and not a good one. I love Chinese food but this was the worst I’ve ever had. There was a TGI Fridays right next to the place but remember what I said about hating wasting money…

This has surely been the weirdest tour I’ve ever been on so far. Let’s see what happens when we actually get to Vegas…


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