EAT – 3. Sogno

We went to restaurant Sogno in Töölö on our date day, after stand up paddling, cafe regatta and some beers. I had not any expectations neither had I heard anything of the places besides the Eat book’s description. The place was easy to find and their terrace with glass walls looked really nice and attractive. … More EAT – 3. Sogno

EAT – 2. Hoku

It took us five months to use the Eat book again, but finally made a table reservation to a place we picked from the book. Those who don’t know, we got a Helsinki Eat book as a Christmas gift. It introduces you to 12 restaurants in Helsinki and when showing the book at the place … More EAT – 2. Hoku

Vintage Wedding Fun

It’s the end of May, and the wedding season is on! My sweet overseas-host-sister is getting married tomorrow, and I’m feeling wedding-y, even though I can’t be there at here big day. It also makes me more and more excited about my own wedding. 78 days left, till I’ll be a Mrs! I am very … More Vintage Wedding Fun

Green thumbs up

I actually have no idea what’s the English idiom for a person who is good with flowers and gardening, but in Finnish they are called “viherpeukalo” which literally means green thumbs. That’s something I definitely do not have. Nevertheless, I am ambitious. When I turned 17, I fell in love with bonsais. Those magnificent miniature … More Green thumbs up

Back to Westeros

I should be working on my thesis, but for some reason here I am – writing a post of my current favorite TV show. Like the fans known, Game of Thrones (GoT) returned on air this week with the premier of the 4th season. Could I be more excited?? Five minutes of the episode, and … More Back to Westeros