EAT – 4. Umeshu

I’ve been craving for good sushi all summer and finally we had time to visit Umeshu, the 4th restaurant from the Eat book. I was expecting a big fancy place but it turned out to be very small place with open kitchen. The hostess was really nice but the waiter kind of indifferent. We ordered … More EAT – 4. Umeshu

EAT – 3. Sogno

We went to restaurant Sogno in Töölö on our date day, after stand up paddling, cafe regatta and some beers. I had not any expectations neither had I heard anything of the places besides the Eat book’s description. The place was easy to find and their terrace with glass walls looked really nice and attractive. … More EAT – 3. Sogno

EAT – 2. Hoku

It took us five months to use the Eat book again, but finally made a table reservation to a place we picked from the book. Those who don’t know, we got a Helsinki Eat book as a Christmas gift. It introduces you to 12 restaurants in Helsinki and when showing the book at the place … More EAT – 2. Hoku